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Paris Brest – Another Pastry I’ll Never Be Able To Pronounce April 9, 2015

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Disclaimer: This post was supposed be posted months ago, but I forgot it in the drafts folder, so here’s Paris Brest, just a little late.

This months Daring Baker’s challenge was paris brest. When first hearing that name I panicked slightly, mostly because french desserts are notoriously difficult. But then I read the description and realized that paris brest is essentially a circular cream puff. And you get to slice it in half rather than trying to fill it with a pastry bag (which is always the part I can never get right). Cream puffs aren’t actually that hard, in fact you can make them all in one pan. So I challenge anyone reading this post – don’t be scared of the cream puff, grab a pan and impress all your friends/family with this dessert!

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Tarte Tatin: Upside Down Pie March 27, 2015

When you think of upside down desserts what pops into your mind? For me its upside down pineapple cake, a pear version I tried once in a crock pot, a ice cream cones that have succumbed to gravity. But for much of the world, there are many foods prepped upside down and flipped for presentation. And this month, for the March Daring bakers’ challenge, Korena from Korena in the Kitchen taught us that some treats are best enjoyed upside down. She challenged us to make a tarte tatin from scratch. For those who don’t know what a tarte tatin is, it’s sort of like an upside down, single crust pie. You make a caramel, cook a bunch of fruit (or veggies), top with a pastry crust, and bake the whole thing in the oven. It’s then flipped out of the pan when your ready to eat it. (more…)


The Italian Upper Body Workout December 6, 2013

I know it been a while, but I’m pleased to finally be writing about another Daring Baker’s challenge. This month Sandie of the lovely blog, Crumbs of Love, was our November hostess. Sandie challenged us to make a traditional Italian dessert, along with its American version – Sfogliatelle (or better known in the US – lobster tails!) The flakey, 1000 layers of super thin dough, shaped into a horn and filled with a scrumptious filling. Così buono!



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The misadventures of a creative mind

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The misadventures of a creative mind

The misadventures of a creative mind