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My First Little Black Sundress August 18, 2014

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A few months ago I was lucky enough to be able to visit New Zealand for two weeks with my boyfriend and two of his friends who are living and working there. It was amazing and I was lucky enough to get to visit one fabric store during the trip where they had an amazing array of items, and a live baby alpaca with huge brown eyes that was being introduced to people, sweet and soft to pet. I had to leave a week before the others due to not enough leave hours at work, but got spoiled when Dan returned. He brought me fabric.

Beautiful fabric, black quilters weight, with red plumerias in a variety of sizes interspersed with philodendron leaves all edged in glittering gold. The gold isn’t part of the fabric, but applied over the white outlines around the flowers, I think by hand since it’s not always perfectly inside the lines. It’s beautiful, and for a long time I could think of nothing to do with it but hung it above my bed and stared at it for long hours wondering at a proper use.

It was hard because I was told that I had to make something for myself out of it. I don’t really make things for myself very often. There wasn’t enough to make a quilt, and being a cotton blend the drape wasn’t right for a shirt or skirt. I finally settled on a sun dress. I bought some cheap broadcloth and cut out patterns there, mocking up two different styles, making sure they fit right, and seeing which style I liked better on me (I can never tell from the package). I then took my favorite apart and used it as my pattern for the actual fabric, allowing me to fit them on the small piece as closely as possible while knowing it would fit after being cut.

I took much longer on this project than others, making sure all the seams were lined up properly, pressed in the right direction, actually using interfacing. I got a friend to help me pin in the zipper and the straps so they were in the right spot. I finally finished hemming it last night, and am going to wear it to a party we’re going to on the fourth of July. I’m looking forward to surprising Dan with what I’ve made from his gift – something for me to wear, but also something I can wear for him. (See I did make something for me.)


I’m also using the scraps to make flowers for my hair. Two projects with one piece of fabric.


One Response to “My First Little Black Sundress”

  1. Love that fabric! Vibrant and sexy.

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