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A Cloak for Adventures May 11, 2013

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So one of my best friends had a birthday back in February. You may be wondering why this is important given that February was 3 months ago, and the answer would be that the item I decided to make for her present had a lot of hand stitching involved and I only just managed to finish it (I know, I’m a terrible friend *sigh*). But, now that it’s done, I present to you…the Adventuring Squirrel Cloak!


You may be wondering what the heck an Adventuring Squirrel Cloak is and why my friend would want one. Well, the truth is that she is obsessed with both the hobbit/lord of the rings and squirrels. Last year I made her a pair of squirrel mittens that she was over the moon about. And during high school I had this blue mini cloak that she was always trying to steal. Given that, I decided it was high time for her to have her own cloak.


Making a cloak is actually pretty easy. I cut two semi circles out of brown fleece, sewed them together on one edge, and cut a hole in the center for the neck. Around the hem I did  a strip of brown fleece embroidered with squirrels edged with green satin.


P1020861 cropped


The hood I adopted from this Fantasy Cloak Pattern. I used green satin for the lining, and sewed the lining and hood onto the neck hole before stitching around the face. This way the seams were hidden. Over all I think it turned out pretty well – the hood is nice a roomy, the cloak is about the right length for a hobbit cloak and it’s really warm. What do you guys think?


P1020856 cropped    P1020857 cropped


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