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Luck O’ The Irish March 27, 2013

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For the first time, I actually did something for Saint Patrick’s Day. It was pretty laid back – I made an Dublin coddle (that word is so much fun to say), an rosemary soda bread, and a rainbow fruit salad. Finished the evening off with chocolate cupcakes…my siblings loved everything.

The fruit salad was remarkable easy. Buy fruit in every color of the rainbow (I went with strawberries, cantaloupe, pineapple, green grapes, blueberries, and purple grapes), chop everything into bite sized pieces and arrange in a rainbow. Optional garnishes would include a cloud (baby marshmallows, some kind of sweet cream cheese dip, whipped cream) and a pot of gold (rolos) at the end of the rainbow. My only real tip on this, it’s much easier to get the right arc for the rainbow if you have a larger plate.

P1020560 P1020562

The coddle was super easy to make. I followed the directions at this site with a few slight adjustments. I wanted to make mine in a crockpot, which I figured would be fine since it has to cook forever anyway.  But 4+ kilos of meat and root veggies wasn’t going to fit in my crockpot. I went with 1 onion, several carrots, a few less potatoes, and about half the bacon. For the meat I used a mixture of hot Italian sausage and kielbasa. I also added some hard cider (apple) to the stock…I figured the Irish wouldn’t mind me adding a bit of liquor to their recipe. The one flaw in using the crockpot is that the potatoes weren’t as cooked as I’d have liked them to be…with the crockpot this thing probably should have been started in the morning for dinner instead of in the early afternoon.


The browned-butter/rosemary/black pepper soda bread recipe was one I got off of Bon Appetit. I can not wait to make this recipe again – it was super simple, easy, (no rise time), and tasted amazing. I made a half recipe which made 1 8-inch loaf, perfect for 4 people. It was the perfect accompaniment to the coddle, would be great with soup/stew, and I’d love to try it as a sandwich bread. Here’s dinner…followed by dessert!

P1020563    P1020559


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